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Chickadeedoos Nee Doh

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Chickadeedoos Nee Doh are adorable and satisfying squishy toys that come in the shape of cute chicks. Here are the key details about them:

Design: These little chicks are cradled in their own neon-colored egg shells, making them even more delightful.
Texture: They are stretchy and filled with a soft, squishy material that provides a satisfying tactile sensation when squeezed.
Colorful: Chickadeedoos Nee Doh come in three neon color ways.
Removable Egg Shells: The best part? You can swap out their egg shells to create your own colorful combinations!
Face Details: Each chick has neon printed face details, adding to their charm.
Versatile: Chickadeedoos are suitable for various purposes:
Stress Relief: Squeeze them to relieve stress and anxiety.
Promotes Focus: They help promote focus, attention, and centering.
Great for All Ages: Whether you’re a kid or an adult, these chicks are fun to play with.
Perfect for Easter: They make excellent Easter basket stuffers.
Safe and Non-Toxic: Chickadeedoos are made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials.
Easy to Clean: If they get dirty, simply hand wash them.
These little chicks are perfect companions for fidgeting, relaxation, and playtime. Grab your groovy new friend, Chickadeedoos Nee Doh, and enjoy the squishy fun!