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Blushing Heat Sweet Heat

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Another Sweet Heat Signature Jam - Blushing Heat is made with Champagne, raspberries, and jalapenos to that makes this flavorful jam POP with a bright crispness and finishes with a warm afterglow.  Serve with breakfast breads, scones, biscuits or you might just want to eat it right out of the jar! 

Ingredients:  Fresh Red Raspberries, Champagne, Jalapenos, Imperial Pure Cane Sugar, Lemon, All-Natural Pectin

Non GMO  Gluten Free, Fat Free, Vegan 

Small Batch Handcrafted Artisan Jam

Our Mission: "Texas Sweet Heat Jam Company LLC is a social enterprise dedicated to providing culinary training and competitvely-paid employment for adults with intellectual disabilities.

It is our passion to offer a place of hope, understanding, grace and success to each individual and to be recognized for their God-given talents and abilities in our community.